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30 December 2013

Party at Senkawa Japanese restaurant Labuan

Hi and welcome back for another episode of my life.. LOL.. just kidding :).

Try guessing where i am?..xD Looks like a japanese restaurant right/ X)

You see that picture?.. yes..that is a Japanese restaurant, i went there with my friend a few hours ago.. my friend vina organised a  party for welcoming's almost like a reunion party for u bcuz we haven't met each other for quite a long time .. xD.. over there,they serve tasty food like Sushi.. udon mee?.. Ramen?.. and lots of other yummy food :).. hhe.. Check out the waitress with their kimono on!.  KAWAI!. :3.. haha..

Senkawa Japanese restaurant

Ok, let me talk a bit about this restaurant.. Lets start with the introduction..  This restaurant was build in 2012, located at Labuan International Seasport Complex.. a 5min drive from Financial park and 10min by foot.. it is the first of it's kind in Labuan.. It looks normal from the out side but wait till you went inside :)..what really attracts me to this restaurant is that it has a wonderful layout especially the well organised table and also not to mention it has a VIP room for those who enjoy a personal time (for you information, we went to the VIP roomt xD).. Anyway.. despite having a tumbs up for that.. I feel like something is missing....i mean.. When i first enter the restaurant i was expecting to be welcome by the waitress.. saying "Senkawa nipponshoku resutoran e yƍkoso" .. it mean welcome to senkawa japanese restaurant..sumthing like that..xD but.. no.. =_=.. hhe.. beside that.. service is not so good i guess.. after we finish our meal..they serve is tea but forgot to give us the tea cup.. lol =_=.. my glass was the long one for juice and i have to drink using that cup.. lol ==.. you could atleast give up a tea cup ok??? .. next.. i would like to mention about the toilet.. well.. it's not a big deal to me but for the ladies they have to went outside if they want to use the toilet, this is because they doin't have indoor in toilet.. so yeahh.. quiet lazy to walk outside and then come again in the restaurant :P... but for the guy i think they don't mind.. Overall, everything is ok .. the food was nice and not bad for a japanese restaurant in labuan.. :) ..

Lol.. funny how this post end being a review of the senkawa japanese restaurant.. I don't think i got exciting story to tell cuz basically all we did just now was eating and sharing stories.. haha..

Anyway, This is my last post for 2013, if you like my blog don't forget to follow and also Like my Facebook page.. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014! HAVE A NICE DAY.. GOD BLESS YOU :)


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